Hello Foodies,

Social Sloth Cafe is a Turkish owned business, a cozy place to gather where home-made, cooked fresh daily food is served. It is an artisan cafe, serving ethnic Turkish flavors inspired with a Mediterranean touch.

We pride ourselves on the highest quality foods and the most flavorful dishes. It has a philosophy of the mindful eating of good food. We say "Let's hang together for good food" and collect tasty memories. We want you to eat like a sloth slowly, enjoying our food.

Chef Aybars

Aybars was not born a chef but cooking was his childhood passion, inspired by his grandfather. His cooking story began with his sourdough starter "Pakize" which is nearly 5 years old, getting the name from his grandmother. Aybars first career as a mechanical engineer was interrupted so he could attend the Izmir Culinary Institute. He now refers to himself as the production manager of his kitchen. Arriving in the States, he first worked as a chef in New York but dreamt of owning his own cafe. Today, he is fulfilling his dream and is working hard to satisfy you. He is the owner operator of this café and takes great pride in the foods he prepares. Now you will get to enjoy the results of his love for the artistry of food preparation.